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How to be a good fan in the kpop world.


  • Just as we should respect older people, we should also respect the most experienced groups who paved the way for young idols. Never forget that.
  • DO NOT promote hatred.
  • DO NOT touch oppa
  • DO NOT shove a camera in oppa’s face
  • DO NOT assume oppa is yours
  • DO NOT edit other…


everything personal♡


MC: Junsu-ssi, do you watch porn?

JS: What?!

JJ: We all watch porn.

JS: No, no you mean we watch'ed' it. Not anymore.

JJ: I still watch it sometimes when I'm bored.

YC: It'll be on the newspaper tomorrow. "Kim Jaejoong from JYJ, addicted to porn!"

JS: My parents are here.

JJ: My parents are here too.

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YooSu in their own little coconut world

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Yoochun acting out how JaeJoong laughs (/∇\*)。o○♡

Video credit: waonjj

ทำไมยูชอลเป็นคนแบบนี้ ล้อพี่แจทำไม 55555555555555555555555

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